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35 perfect topics for cause-and-effect essays - 2022 Guide

A cause and effect essay is an essay that analyzes the ways in which one event leads to another or in which one event causes another event. The main purpose of a cause-and-effect essay is to determine how various phenomena are correlated. In this type of essay, you look at the different reasons for something and discuss the results of those reasons. To get your writing skills upgraded, a cause-and-effect essay can be one of the best places to start because writing such essays is very straightforward and logical.

An important detail to avoid is the logical fallacy trap. Fallacy refers to reasoning that is logically false, it invalidates the logical structure of an argument. In a cause and effect essay, a logical fallacy will be assuming incorrect causation. For example, logical causation will be “eating a lot of food causes obesity” but a logical fallacy will be “studying a lot results in obesity.” If avoiding logical fallacies seems difficult to you, ask an essay writer to help you review your essay to avoid making such mistakes.

Cause and effect essays can also be written by focusing on only one side of the topic. A cause-only focused essay also known as a causal argument talks about the reasons for the cause of the event. For example, “depression is a major reason for weight gain” or “Instagram influencers are to be blamed for high rising anorexia cases”. Similarly, focusing on effects only may have topics like “effects of bad posture on height of a person” or “effects of industrial pollution on the environment”. In other words, the consequences of a cause or more might be concentrated on the sources of one impact. Either way, it is helpful to discuss the probable link between the two occurrences. In an essay, it is not a good idea to combine several causes and effects at a time, since it might be confusing.

In selecting a fantastic topic, understanding the essay prompts is a vital component. The same goes for drafting an essay on cause and effect. Misinterpreting the cause for the effect and vise versa has been found to be some of the most common mistakes students make. Thus, it is crucial to understand the topic and its prompt first.Although hundreds of interesting topics are available for you to write my essay, it is still vital to select a topic that interests you. Whenever you are writing a cause-effect essay consider the various recent events, trends, issues, and matters taking place that might have a causal relationship among each other.

If you’re having trouble choosing a topic just select something you truly are into when you pick a topic for your essay but if you're perplexed with a range of subjects, attempt to focus on issues that hit you the most. Listed below are the 35 best cause-and-effect essay topics that can inspire you to write like a professional essay writer.

  1. Covid-19 has affected marriages. Elaborate.

  2. Sustainability is the new orange.

  3. Consumerism has expanded due to increased accessibility to online shopping in 2021.

  4. Effects of Taliban takeover on US economy.

  5. Work from home is the new normal. Discuss why

  6. Effects of making higher education free on the federal budget.

  7. Increasing student debt makes fewer students opt for higher education. Do you agree? Give arguments.

  8. Effects of globalization on mental health

  9. Is asking to 'write my essay' correct?

  10. Implementation of Artificial Intelligence will have negative effects on labor. Discuss.

  11. How will technological development in everyday life impact personal safety?

  12. Covid-19 and small and medium enterprises.

  13. Some of the most are college dropouts. How does college affect entrepreneurship skills? Elaborate

  14. Impact of online courses on the educational system.

  15. Causes of business bankruptcy during the recent pandemic.

  16. Professional sports and children.

  17. Cause and effects of the increasing poverty on the economy of a country.

  18. Discuss the effects of technology on children.

  19. Social media is a huge hindrance to communication skills. Do you agree?

  20. Effects of Syrian Civil War on the US.

  21. How California fires affect the economy.

  22. 43% of all the world's personal wealth is owned by the top one percent of households. What are the effects of this unequal distribution?

  23. History is a loop.

  24. Can heartbreaks break the physical heart? How?

  25. Being positive all the time is not good.

  26. The effects of playing violent video games on adolescents.

  27. The major reason for rape is immortality.

  28. Cause and effects of cybercrime.

  29. Using an essay writing service and how?

  30. Coronavirus outbreak was a major cause of divorces.

  31. The psychological effects of acne on teens.

  32. How can direct incentives like increments in salary, vacations, bonuses, etc. help increase employee’s productivity.

  33. Standardized testing affects students’ decision to pursue higher education.

  34. Being friends with a smoker makes you a passive smoker.

  35. Impacts of old age homes on the mental health of elderly.

  36. Increasing climate change will cause petroleum to be substituted by other renewable sources.

  37. Mass media is a major cause of misinterpretation of information in the 21st century.

Good topic themes can improve your writing. Also, by putting your effort and heart into your essay, you can achieve next-level essay papers. Select the issue that you are enthusiastic about when picking a topic for your cause-and-effect essay. However, if you are uncertain about selecting an engaging concept, ask an essay writing service for expert advice.

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