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Writing Research paper outline- Basic Steps - 2022 Guide

A research paper is a document that explains your research and knowledge regarding a particular topic. A research paper is a bridge between essay writer and reader, which tells the reader what your point of interest is and what information you gathered from literature and through your research.

A research paper is your contribution to the literature. The writer selects the topic by reviewing the literature and finding the literature gap, which means the relationship is not studied correctly or research significantly less. After determining the gap in the literature, the writer thinks about the novelty in his research and then selects the topic. A professional essay writer is more capable of helping you in your research paper writing.

Research is a very complex process, and it isn't easy to start writing a research paper at one time. An outline is a valuable way to organize the details that need to be added to the research paper to avoid getting confused about important information and how to write it. Organizing points in a logical manner is a vital point of an outstanding research paper. Outline of a research paper is essential to have a structure of what information is needed, how related ideas are connected through proper flow of information, and check if there is any point you forget to write. If you find it challenging to outline appropriately, you can ask any professional writer to write my essay.

To write a research paper following steps should be written in your outline:

Purpose of the paper:

The first and most important thing is your topic or purpose of research on which your complete research is based. Hence, an appropriate topic or a meaningful purpose is necessary to identify. Write down your goal to research your outline so that the reader can know for what purpose this research paper has been written.

Research question:

Then write your research question. You might get confused about the research purpose and question! They look alike but differ in nature. The purpose of research is the objective which you want to achieve through your research. For example, "the purpose of this research is to find the relationship between service quality and customer loyalty." This statement is the purpose of the research, whereas; the research question states the research problem. For example, "Does service quality have a positive impact on customer loyalty." Although they seem to be very similar in statements, also these are not the same things. The purpose of research is a broad statement whereas, the research question is in particular.

Organize your points:

In writing an outline, you need to know how many levels of headings and subheadings you require.

Write down main headings such as introduction and main body. Then, think of the sub-headings needed under each main heading, such as in the introduction heading. Further sub-headings can be background and thesis statements. Make a complete list.

Collect information:

After making a map in your mind, you can start collecting data according to your requirement. Find the past studies related to your topic to make your argument solid and sound. After collecting all related literature that can support your topic and variables, start collecting your primary data.

Data collection planning:

To collect data, you have to make points in your outline, such as your instrument, which you will use to collect data, your sample from which you will collect data, and what technique you will use. Writing all these points will guide you on what step you should do next.

Data analysis:

After writing all the points related to data collection, you need to specify in your outline what software you will use for data collection and which type of analyses you will do, such as descriptive analysis, correlation, regression, etc.


After writing data analysis techniques now, you can write results that include all the statistical data with their interpretation.


The next step is to write a conclusion in which you will include what your research question was and what answers you have found through your research.


Further, the research paper includes recommendations you will provide about what can be done better after assessing your results.


Limitations and future research have some importance because, in this heading, you will define the limitations in your research that other researchers can cater to in future research.

References and appendix:

Last but not least, references and an appendix are included. As advised by this essay writer service.

This is the theoretical explanation of a research paper outline. To understand the research paper outline better, a sample template of an outline is given below.

Sample outline:

  1. Introduction

1.1 Background

1.2 Thesis statement or hypothesis

  1. literature review

2.1 Variable 1

2.2 Variable 2

  1. Methodology

3.1 Population

3.2 Sample

3.3 Sample size

3.4 Sampling technique

3.5 Instrument

3.6 Research design

3.7 Research strategy

  1. Results and discussion

4.1 Demographic analysis

4.2 Sample descriptive

4.3 Correlation analysis


4.4.1 Measurement model

4.4.2 Structural model

4.4.3 Coefficient of determination

4.4.4 Path analysis

4.5 Discussion

  1. Conclusion

  2. Recommendation

  3. Limitations

  4. References

  5. Appendix

Students make random mistakes while writing a research paper, resulting in a disorganized or ambiguous research paper. If you are still confused about making your research paper outline, an essay writing service is always available for your second option.

  • Firstly, planning and arranging steps in your mind is not a professional way because you can forget some points which will ruin your research thoroughly.

  • Always write down an outline and mark the steps which you have done.

  • Do not add too much information, which is not even required in a research paper. Note down only essential and most relevant points in your outline.

  • Always follow your outline; never mix two sections; for example, never write methodology and result together; it will make your research paper vague.

  • A good outline provides you a road to reach your destination without hurdles.

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